18 March 2008

Giorni delle ragazze

Kinda blue this rainy morning… I’ve had four days and nights of good, old-fashioned, boy-crazy girl fun with my new friend "L." But right this minute she’s boarding Alilaguna and heading back to Los Angeles. I miss her already!

I was lucky enough to meet "L" (a smart, pretty, funny gypsy) and her Venetian buddy "A" shortly after I arrived here last September. She was on her way back to the States that day, too. It was the magic of Venice, I’m certain. What are the chances two women with so much in common would connect in such a brief period of time? – I was ordering my coffee just as she finished hers. We spoke for two minutes. She took my blog address and kept up with me, and finally we met again last week.

What fun! I hadn’t realized how much I was missing the girlfriend routine. I’m talking about non-stop chatter that includes deep spiritual issues and shallow pajama party subjects. And I’m talking about dressing up, going out, and really working the flirtation muscle. "L" has lots of friends here, including a circle of gondolieri (oh my… don’t ask!). We made the rounds of our favorite haunts – we had a ball. Light hearts and lots of laughter.

"L" knows what I know about the gifts La Serenissima bestows on her female acolytes. Like me, she has her heart set on trying full-time residence here. I hope I brought her a little closer to it.

Ciao, Cara! A aprile!