28 June 2008

What luck!

Honestly, sometimes I cannot believe my good luck. Wednesday night I found myself in a house seat at La Fenice for a beautiful production of Death in Venice, and later enjoying cocktails and dinner with several crew and cast members, including the star. How on Earth did that happen?

A few weeks ago I was out in the Piscina, getting my email (my modem is still out of commission!), when a gentleman passed through. He stopped to ask me about the “hot spot,” and we chatted for a bit. I thought him a bright and interesting fellow right away. And I learned he was a cast member of Death in Venice – a pretty impressive accomplishment in itself.

It turns out he was much too modest. The gentleman was Marlin Miller and his role was that of Gustav von Aschenbach. He was generous enough to offer me a ticket for the show. But when I got there, a video camera was occupying my seat.

“Scusi, Signora,” the usher bowed and apologized profusely. He asked would I mind terribly to take instead… this seat… just right over… here? One, right on the aisle, with a full, unobstructed view! It was a haunting production, nearly all in blacks and whites. My friend (who carries almost the entire show by himself) gave a vivid, poignant performance. Afterwards I picked him up at the stage door. Again he was generous enough to invite me along for the gathering with his friends.

Seriously, do you know anyone luckier than me?