11 June 2008

Updates, errata, etc

“…and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.”

Here are a few updates and corrections of errata:

Remember Van Gogh at Shanti Daan? I was passing on bad information I had received from an otherwise reputable source when I told you that shop is owned by a lovely woman of the same name. (I should have fact-checked!) She herself contacted me and advised me that her name is Antonia, and her partner is Stefano. She couldn't have been sweeter about it. (The post has been corrected.)

Remember my complaint about the feeding of the pigeon pests in Piazza San Marco? The sale of packets of feed has been suspended amid a feeble protest from the vendors. It remains to be seen if the ban will be permanent. I understand they have tried this before. Meanwhile Venetians and tourists alike continue to tempt the birds with their sandwich crumbs and bits of grissini (breadsticks).

Remember the pretty pink and possibly haunted palazzo on Lido? I guess the movie star’s probate issue has been settled. On my way to the mercato last Tuesday I noticed the gate was unlocked and wide open, but I saw no one on the premises. Yesterday there was a demolition crew inside the house, working furiously. Dust was flying, grubby curtains lay in a heap on the porch. Can’t wait to see what they do with that gorgeous garden, where lots of dark red rosebuds are just about to bloom.

Remember the scented mock orange hedge I showed you? My friend in New York says that is not mock orange, but I’m certain that’s what the Los Angeles nurserymen call this very common shrub. Can anyone provide more information?

Remember those strange but yummy little tomatoes? I sliced a few for an insalata Caprese and – lo and behold! – two of them yielded enough seeds to give me a good shot at growing a small crop of these pomodorini next year… if I’m living someplace where I can’t buy them. (If I am still here, some lucky gardener out there will get them.)

Remember my "warm, charming, handsome" coffee vendor? It turns out he was only the latter – and not so much the other two things. Not at all.

By all means, let me know if I've goofed up anything else...