19 May 2008

Species: Hedera Veneta

All over Venice there are PVC plastic conduit tubes of different lengths appearing to “grow” out of the pavement at the base of buildings. Heaven knows what these ugly things are or were for. Most people never even see them.

But some clever prankster has noticed them. He or she located them all and gave each a label with its Latin horticultural “species” name and other pertinent information, i.e., color (all seem to be of the rossa variety), native environment, etc.

This individual went to considerable effort to complete this prank, even taking the time to find a label paper with a very stubborn adhesive. That is to say, these labels do not come off easily, thus adding to the illusion of the seriousness of this seemingly city-sanctioned project.

Again, here is a thoughtful and/or crazy person I would really like to meet.