06 May 2008

Good sign!

I appreciate “high tech” as much as the next person, but I far prefer “high touch” – things “of the hand.” Thus, I adore these naïve, old-fashioned, handpainted advertising signs that still add quirky color to many of Venice’s neighborhood streets. I especially like them when they feature foods. Whenever I visit a mercatino, I always hope to find one for my own kitchen.

Here's a detail of one that draws attention to Osteria alla Bifora, a new place in Campo Santa Margherita. It was clearly created for the macelleria (butcher shop) that occupied the space before the osteria. The current tenants have just tacked paper scraps scribbled with the new biz name over the colorful artwork, which is a real shame. Everytime I see this old sign, I’m tempted to drop in and offer my services to paint in the restaurant’s name properly and save the pretty relic. Maybe I’ll do that when I know these folks better…

(By the way, this place serves pretty good chow. And at night, its authentic-looking, candlelit atmosphere is terribly romantic.)