08 April 2008

Don't ask.

A big reason I fell in love with Venice (and one of the same reasons I fell in love with New York) is that there are strange, quirky things around every corner. Which tells me there are lots of strange, quirky people (just like me!) around every corner, too. Here’s an example…

Obviously Christmas was over long ago, but one of my Campo San Luca neighbors had put some effort into creating this unusual symmetrical arrangement of holiday greens and lights. Evidently it pleases him or her enough to keep it shining well past Easter.

That’s so like something I would do that it absolutely fascinates me. Somehow it gives me a sense of being in the right place.

I was led to this odd little display by happy accident. It pleases me enough that I keep dropping by every so often (like tonight), to see if it’s still intact and aglow.

It is.

This is Venice... don’t ask.