12 April 2008

Amarena, Amore!

Other women dream of and wait for a big promotion or the private, on-bended-knee proposal. But this woman dreams of and waits for… this splendid Venetian cookie called amarena. Che bella!

It’s a preserved tart cherry with thin layer of soft marzipan, baked inside a crisp, golden butter cookie shell sprinkled with toasty, sliced almonds. A brief fantasy of perfectly-blended textures, flavors, and scents. Sort of buttery crunchy soft cherry almondy. Can you imagine it?

I can easily pass up dessert, but I am a hopeless cookie addict. This particular temptation has a special season, so even though they are painfully expensive (due to their surprising heaviness), when I see amarene at the pasticceria, I happily prepare to part with my hard-earned cash.