27 September 2007

Buon Compleanno

Shortly I will catch you up on all I’ve been doing these past weeks. But I can’t let my birthday week pass without acknowledging the many gifts and kindnesses I received while I celebrated. I appreciated the cards and emails from home – thank you! These lovely flowers came from the staff of Hotel Bel Sito – beautiful, no? There was early caffe latte with some old friends, and a prosecco treat and picturesque luncheon (although I forgot to take the picture!) at al Prosecco with my new friend Erica. And she brought me two – TWO! – beautiful books! (Wasn’t I lucky she was visiting Venice at the right time?) We had a good talk and a long walk in the brilliant sunshine, a visit to an exhibition featuring the history of Venetian rowing, and one last aperitif at Hotel Flora. In solitude I visited the awe-inspiring San Giorgio Maggiore to light a candle in gratitude. Then I came home and dressed for the evening. The fellows at Enoteca San Marco treated me to wine and a delicious supper (on the most chic new plates!) and even provided me with their old style paper tablecloth (because I couldn’t possibly scribble and draw on the fresh new linen!). We all talked and laughed about the examples of Venetian dialect I have been studying lately. All in all, it was one of the very best days of my life – all the better because I did not have to end it by packing my suitcase. That night the entire year ahead stretched before me with all its possibilities.